We Have 30 Years Of Experience In Transport

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Service we provide learn more

We Have 30 Years Of Experience In Transport

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Service we provide learn more
Since from 2000

Company Overview

Import Export Logistics, Inc.  is your trusted partner in the realm of import, export, and logistics. With a commitment to integrity, professionalism, and knowledge, we provide operational support and consulting services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Leveraging our extensive experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including consumption entries, in-bond entries, importer security filings, and electronic export information transmissions, among others. 

We invite transportation companies

in need of trans load services to partner with us, delivering reliability and expertise every step of the way.


Our Services

Customs Entry Services

Consumption Entries (manual and EDI Input), In-Bond Entries, Importer Security Filings

Export Services

Electronic Export Information transmissions, Also for Self-Propelled Vehicles, Prior Notice Filing for FDA regulated merchandise

Logistics Support

ACE e-manifest filings for truck shipments, All information and documentation required by Participatory Government Agencies

Consulting Services

USMCA consulting services, HTS Classification for your products

Training and Seminars

Provide on-site Import/Export training and seminars

Coordination Services

US and Mexican Customs coordination, E-Commerce (Section 321) expertise

About Us

Trans Load Services from Mexico to the USA

Take advantage of our dedicated 10,000 sq ft warehouse facility, strategically positioned for trans load services, especially Section 321 fulfillment from Mexico to the USA.

What We Do

How we Works


We Do.

We provide import, export and logistics operational support and consulting services. While Import Export Logistics, Inc. (IEL) does not hold greater knowledge or wisdom than others, we do possess insights gained from our many years of experience in this industry.


We Are In Business.

Our motivation is to provide our clients a positive and productive experience when performing importation, exportation and logistics activities for their goods and products.


We Do It.

All of our activities are performed in light of our core values of Integrity, Professionalism and Knowledge.

Since from 2000

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You can know the Price for your Transportation in Advance. We Offers intellgent concepts for road and tail and well as complex special transport services

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